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Scott Pantel: The Endless Data Challenge

Ep. 39

COVID-19 has put the Medtech industry at center stage with unparalleled demand for diagnostic tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other critical medical supplies.  In addition to the extraordinary measures underway to rapidly ramp up manufacturing capacity and capabilities, Medtech companies are also looking outside their normal sector boundaries to explore creative solutions to strategize how they will supplement capacity, open-source equipment design, and address deployment of medically trained employees to support public-health needs.  Forward-thinking firms will need data to respond with new products, services, and operating models that can optimize the shifting landscape of healthcare and Medtech development.

Join us as talk with the CEO & Founder of LSI, Scott Pantel.  In this episode, we discuss the challenges of living in an era of an overabundance of Medtech data and how unique market insights remain an industry challenge.  We explore why it's more important than ever for startups and large corporations to make their key strategic decisions based on unique and timely insights.  Learn about Covid's impact permanently changing the Medtech landscape, and the new considerations the industry must face to address unmet clinical needs.


Follow the great work Scott and team are doing at Life Science Intelligence.

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