Elevating the next generation of medtech leaders

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is a sub group of DeviceAlliance dedicated to training and elevating the next generation of Medtech Leaders. The committee focuses on events that support the needs of students, recent grads, and young professionals in their early career development. To increase accessibility, many events are free to attend and held virtually.

Our Values


We strive to work with local organizations and individuals devoted to similar goals.


We believe education and experience are critical components of professional development.


We aim to serve the community and provide opportunities to foster connections.


✤ Career and professional development training

✤ Access to seasoned mentors and job opportunities

✤ 5:1 ratio of professionals to students

✤ Enthusiastic and proactive community

Programs and Resources

Career Development Program Training

Two-part series comprised of cohesive and structured professional development programming and events for young professionals to evaluate and refine their career trajectory in the medtech industry. Open to any young professional.

Annual Mentorship Program

Annual mentorship program to match young professionals with senior level industry DeviceAlliance members. Exclusive to DeviceAlliance members.

Meet Our Career Coach

Manisha Dhawan

Manisha Dhawan, Founder and CEO of MPath Coaching, is an ICF-accredited coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. She brings over 2 decades of experience working across multiple functions and industries including her family business, Big 4 consulting, Fortune 500, education, and non-profit organizations. Manisha is passionate about career development and facilitating engaging sessions that inspire people to step into more courageous, conscious leadership. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry and MBA from UC Irvine.

Read more about Manisha’s work here.

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