About Us

DeviceAlliance is the only non-profit organization focused exclusively on promoting the vitality of Orange County, CA’s medical device community. We’re a tight-knit group of professionals who exchange ideas and insights which give each member a competitive edge in the marketplace.


DeviceAlliance understands that people need other people to realize their full potential. More so, connecting with like-minded professionals ensures we’ll impact others in a positive way. This level of connectivity defines the essence of how DeviceAlliance creates professional and personal fulfillment.

DeviceAlliance was formed in 2009 to serve the Southern California medical device industry, promoting the vitality of the marketplace and it’s people.  Our Founder, Kevin McNerney, and several others realized the importance of supporting not just one another but all colleagues in the industry and working towards a collaborative environment in Southern California. Today, DeviceAlliance remains the ONLY non-profit professionals associations, which offers an inclusive membership for all device professionals, and is solely dedicated to serving the medical device industry of Southern California.

We’re not like other associations with thousands of members most of which you never get a chance to meet.  Come to one of our events and quickly learn why we’re different.  Our members are friendly and collaborative.  Best yet, their ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality is what makes DeviceAlliance a truly great association to be a part of.

DeviceAlliance’s focus is on supporting people first, technology second.  Our view is that when people are supported and set up to succeed the industry will naturally grow and thrive as a result.

Join us and achieve your business objectives by connecting with an intellectual repository of knowledge and experience.  Plus we have a lot of fun along the way!

Upgrade your career and join DeviceAlliance today!

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