Recorded Events

5th Annual Women in OC Medtech

Join us for this important and insightful webinar where we’ll hear from global women leaders in Medtech, their stories and how they approach leadership and leverage your social capital for success.

Winning Strategies for Product Launch Marketing

The importance of successful product launches in the medical device industry cannot be overestimated. It takes more than a great device to ensure the success of a product’s debut. In this new environment, it is vital to have a marketing strategy that conveys your story of how your product will impact unmet clinical needs. With some Medtech companies spending tens of millions of dollars on technology, R&D, clinical work, the regulatory and reimbursement process, and sales, what are the new strategic consideration for maximizing your marketing impact? What are the new marketing considerations to ensure the success of a product’s debut? This event featured marketing experts discussing the new obstacles Medtech companies face when marketing a new product, and focused on 2 key questions marketing professionals must answer.

The War For Talent

DeviceAlliance’s ‘War for Talent’ event seeks to address the current challenges of hiring and retaining employees from both the employer and employee perspective within the Medtech Industry. Hear from a distinguished panel of experts and leaders in Orange County’s Medtech community on hiring, talent needs and shortages, how to position yourself for success when looking for new career opportunities, strategies for hiring managers and much more.

4th Annual Women in Orange County Medtech Event

DeviceAlliance was proud to host its 4th Annual Women in OC Medtech event on July 23rd, 2020. The past three years this has been our largest attended event, selling out weeks in advance. Join us for this important and insightful webinar where you’ll hear from local women leaders in Medtech, their stories, and how they approach leadership.