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Jeff Blanton: Discover Your Calling

Ep. 6

When people talk about having a purpose in your professional or personal life, they often sound like a self-help book. However, having a purpose in your work and life can help you become more motivated and push you to go above and beyond. When we talk about ‘finding your purpose’, we’re referring to an overarching goal that drives you. This can be anything, such as reaching the top of your company or even raising a family. Whatever your goal may be, the idea is that having something to aim for will help you put your best foot forward day after day.

In this episode of DeviceAlliance’s Medtech Radio, we interview Jeff Blanton of the Blanton Group. The Blanton Group focuses on transforming the potential of a business by discovering and implementing the combination of business and personal purpose. Join us for an in-depth discussion on the keys to success, and how to marry one's desires, strengths, and passions with the collective goal of the business.


Follow the great work Jeff and team are doing at Blanton Group.

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