Welcome to DeviceAlliance’s Southern California Medical Device Career Board.

Job Board Rules:

  1. All are welcome to apply.  We do ask that you only apply to jobs which you are qualified for based on the criteria indicated in the post.
  2. Only jobs within medical device may be featured on this career board.  Each job will remain on this career board for no longer than 1 month.
  3. By posting a job on this board you commit to responding to all inquiries and applications to your post within a 48 hour time frame (failure to respond within 48 hours may revoke future privileges to post on DeviceAlliance’s Job Board)
  4. DeviceAlliance members may post up to 3 jobs per member for themselves or on behalf of their direct employer.
  5. If you are a DeviceAlliance member and you have interest in posting a job please email info@devicealliance.org with the following information:

Company name, logo, city location

Job title and description

Point of contact name, email and telephone number

Thank you

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