DA Charter

DeviceAlliance’s Charter serves as the roadmap for our future destination


Why we exist.
DeviceAlliance’s Charter serves as the roadmap for our thoughts, actions, and outcomes to achieve our expressed purpose of improving the quality of lives, both locally, nationally and around the world.

Our shared purpose is the engine that drives the success of DeviceAlliance:

  • Having a clear purpose for our actions is the only intrinsic motivator for people’s lives and professions
  • Purpose helps us navigate our organization’s course in the medical device industry and unifies our members who share our common values and beliefs
  • A shared purpose fulfills the mantle of authority, inspires our actions and resolves conflicts


What we want to be.
DeviceAlliance is an inclusive non-profit organization which affirms southern California as our Nation’s center of innovation and growth in the medical device industry so that care facilities and care providers may better improve and extend the quality of life.


How we will serve.
DeviceAlliance strives to be the one-stop-shop at the center of the medical device ecosystem helping drive collaboration, innovation and career development for all device professionals in southern California.


How we will behave.
We see our fellow members as collaborators, not competitors, and as such we serve one another in the spirit of collaboration and ‘pay-it-forward’ so that our members may fully develop their talents, team-up with colleagues, generate business opportunities and improve the lives of others.


How we will become what we want to be.
Our Balanced Scorecard defines our strategy for success and helps us measure and manage our actions.

  1. Membership growth
  2. Sponsorship synergies
  3. Quality of engagement
  4. Produce cross-functional events that embody a high quality, intellectual experience
  5. Support our younger members through mentorship and guidance initiatives
  6. Financial fitness
  7. Constancy of Purpose as expressed by our Charter
deviceallianceDA Charter