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Continuing your education is more than just picking up a good book.  It’s about sharpening our skills and abilities so we may better compete in the constantly changing world around us.

Learning Opportunities with UCI Division of Continuing Education

DeviceAlliance is proud to partner with the University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education (UCI DCE) offering southern California’s medical device industry new opportunities for education and career growth.  The UCI DCE program was established in 1962 and now offers over 60 certificates and specialized studies programs while maintaining over 30,000 actively enrolled adult students.

UCI DCE offers nine (9) specialized programs in the field of Life Sciences, including:

  1. Clinical Trials: Medical Device and Drug Development
  2. Medical Product Development
  3. Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Active DeviceAlliance Members can take advantage of any one or multiple of these three (3) programs listed above and do so with a 10% discount.

For a full list of UCI DCE programs please click HERE.

For a full list of UCI DCE programs please click HERE.

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