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Our Sponsors Care About Our Community

Join us and sharpen your competitive edge.

We sincerely thank the sponsors of DeviceAlliance for their commitment to the vitality of the medical device community in Southern California.

Their generosity extends far beyond our professional organization and into our community of care facilities, caregivers, and ultimately, patients.

With our deepest gratitude, we say, Thank You!

We offer more than professional connections; we’re the single best professional association for insight into the key issues and opportunities within the medical device industry in Southern California.

DeviceAlliance is the only multi-disciplinary, non-profit, professionals association serving the medical device industry in Southern California.  That’s why we’re the ideal place to help support medical device professionals as they formulate start-ups, expand market share for a Fortune 500 corporation or grow their individual careers.

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DeviceAlliance has two chapters, San Diego and Orange County to better support our community in SoCal.

We host two meetings a month, one in each chapter.  Join us and spread the word!

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Collaboration Is Our Competitive Edge

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We invite you to attend our next event, and you’ll see how diverse our conversations are. You’ll understand that we work hard to pursue opportunities and play hard to have fun. Of course, coming back to visit with us is even more important. In time, you’ll find yourself having dynamic conversations with our members.

Think about how important it is to have these conversations. Traditional practices of knowledge management virtually insure that static information will become irrelevant in a short span of time. The best way to keep up with market dynamics is to keep up with the professionals who are rewriting the rules every day.

The primary reason we exist is to cultivate opportunities for the experts who are transforming the markets.


DeviceAlliance is focused exclusively on promoting the vitality of Southern California’s medical device community. We’re a tight-knit group of professionals who exchange ideas and insights on the issues we face in the industry. Our members understand that the more we engage with each other, the better we’re prepared to compete in the marketplace.

Much more than a professional network, we take the time to know each other as professionals and friends. We understand that character counts. Trusting each other is the primary reason we’re comfortable brainstorming with each other. 

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