Who We Are

We are medical device professionals, dedicated to lifelong learning by sharing our industry knowledge and experience with our colleagues. Of course, we like to have some fun along the way – this is Southern California after all.

We're Medical Device Professionals.

Come to one of our events, and you’ll discover that we're medical device professionals with a broad spectrum of expertise. Entrepreneurs and engineers, CFOs and chemists,  programmers and patent attorneys; they’re all here at DeviceAlliance.

What we all have in common, is a creative spirit. Yet, we're working within diverse sciences. It's our ability to balance both art and science which leads us to breakthrough discoveries. Uniformly, we love what we do because we don't just improve lives, we also save them.

Our networking events provide an opportunity to brainstorm with each other. We also catch up with friends. And of course, business connections are established and become stronger because of we earn each other’s trust – month after month, year after year.

We’re the broadest, multi-disciplinary networking organization in Southern California because we’re the most inclusive.  That’s why we’re the ideal place to help support medical device professionals as they formulate a start-up or expand the market share for a Fortune 500 corporation.

As active members, we give our time and energy to fulfilling our Charter by living our values. We believe that the of creativity and competitiveness of the Southern California lifestyle makes our region one of the premier hotspots for our industry. We intend to increase our national and global influence by deepening our professional relationships and embrace our commitment to mentorship – asking those that benefit from the group, to give back as well.

Membership offers more than just a bank of knowledge. Members belong to DeviceAlliance to achieve their business objectives by interacting with industry leaders. This mindset is why we say “collaboration is our competitive edge.”

The Power of the DeviceAlliance Network:

"As linkages among individuals increase arithmetically, collaboration as a result of those linkages, rises in value geometrically."

— Robert Metcalf - Metcalf's Law